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Break Time

Taking a break for a while. Real life stuff beckons, and I feel like (what little time I spend) working on manga is stealing time away from other stuff that I want to do. I know I haven’t really done anything substantial in the meantime. Sorry about that.

Let’s see, any last words from me?

Oh, yeah. Let’s clear this up once and for all.
滝川 = たきがわ = Takigawa = 〇 = Correct
高川 = たかがわ = Takagawa = × = Incorrect

滝川マギステル Takigawa Magistel
I translated the name in this manner because she’s loosely based off of French/Japanese news broadcaster 滝川クリステル Takigawa Christel. Even though the official character profile says “that’s just sheer coincidence!”… we can see otherwise! :) That was the reasoning behind my choice to put “tel” instead of “teru” at the end, or perhaps I could have done Magister… which may have actually been a better choice, but it’s too late now! Gotta live with the choices we make… etc.

In other news, I ordered Catcher in the Toilet from Kinokuniya. Laika said that it’s cheaper to order it from them than from, and he was right. Although shipping time does take substantially longer, it comes out quite cheaper than amazon’s exorbitant shipping costs – Like, $25 instead of $45. Yeah, this is news for… all zero of you who will actually order the book. lawl.

Thanks for all the comments/support over these last two months.
Manga scanlation is srs bsns indeed.


GTO: Shonan 14 Days 11 + Random News

Volume 1 of the tankobon is coming out on 10/16/2009!

Here’s chapter 11.


Random News
A little busy in the meantime, so Boys on the Run will be coming out intermittently in the future. I’ll still make an effort to do GTO on Monday/Tuesday. However, we’ll see how things go.

Random News

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