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after the juvenile (Part 2)

Part two of the after-story.
Completion status: 100% complete!
This is the true end of the Onani Master Kurosawa story. Thank you for reading!

1. CERO is the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization that rates games in Japan, much like the ESRB does, if you buy games from the U.S.
2. “megassa” is an expression that Tsuruya from the Haruhi series likes to use.
3. Forgot a line before “Sugawa…” added it in. The description is really odd of her legs, he literally says they’re “white like fresh eggs” 「新鮮な卵のように白い」 but that’s really weird, so I changed it to pale white… maybe “white as snow” is a better way to put it?
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after the juvenile (Part 1)

This is part one of the after story that takes place two years after the school trip they took in middle school.

Also, it looks like Ise Katsura is coming out with a rebuild/rewrite of the Onani Master Kurosawa story in novel form, which will be hitting bookstores in late August. It will be retitled “Catcher in the Toilet”. Cool stuff!

Current completion status: 100% Complete!

My thoughts: 4459 words… ffff translating giant blocks of text sucks. Now I know how those people doing VN / light novels / games feel….
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Onani Master Kurosawa Omake Stuff

I’m moving the “after the juvenile (part 1)” to its own post, since it merits that. Just leaving this as a general news post stating that I’m going to work on the Omake short stories – after the juvenile, parts 1 and 2.

It takes place 2 years after their original middle school trip.

Please reference the newer post for the story.


I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this epic tale as much as I did. If you liked the story, please tell the author, Ise Katsura, how much you enjoyed it – it’s him you should be giving your thanks to. Please give him your warmest thoughts and appreciation for writing such a great story.

You can contact him via e-mail (taken from his site here:
dogstar-2501 (at)
Alternatively, you can leave a comment in the comment form at the bottom of the story page here.

It’s time for me to deal with some other things now, which is the real reason why I want to take a break. Feel free to leave requests for new series by commenting in this post (I know you guys have been posting them in random places, and I’ll try to go back and look through everything when I get back, but having them all consolidated in one area is a little more convenient). I’m not exactly sure when I’ll return to start doing scanlation again, but I know that there’s some errors in Onani Master Kurosawa that people have graciously pointed out in my translation that I want to go back and fix.

Anyways, I just wanted to say Thank You again for your guys’ support: Anonymous and /a/, ADTRW, and everyone else who came and left a comment to express their thoughts.

As for me? I was kind of inspired by this story, strange as it may sound. The fapping antics aside, it’s never too late for you to redeem yourself, grow up, change, and see the world. Just man up and do it. You won’t know what happens until you try.

Now, go open that door. There’s something, or somebody, waiting for you out there that you don’t want to miss.

Onani Master Kurosawa 31

I Know You.


Thank you for all your support, and comments. I really couldn’t have done it without all you guys, and this last week has been insane.

Thank you goons.

Thank you anonymous, and /a/.

This was for the fans of Onani Master Kurosawa.

Peace out, everyone. I’m gonna go sleep now.

Onani Master Kurosawa 30

Together With You

First link removed.

Ugh page 18 bad typos sorry about that.

Ok, I'm making a v2 with the messed up pages fixed. Hold on…


Onani Master Kurosawa 29


Click me for 29

TL Note: E-Card is a game from Kaiji, for those of you who don’t remember/know

For tomorrow: Last chapter (don’t worry, there’s still an “extra” afterward) will take all day, because it’s long as hell and a beast of chapter. It’ll probably be out sometime in the evening if everything goes well. Once again, thanks for all your support! Thank you thank you thank you!

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